Learn how to get the most out of Kubernetes 
with VMware Tanzu

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Join us at KubeCon NA 2022 (in person or virtually) where our experts will be sharing the latest in open source contributions and cloud native technologies. We'll be showcasing solutions that enable you 
to develop, deliver, and manage modern apps across any cloud
more securely and at scale. And we'll be discussing the donation of Carvel to CNCF Sandbox as well as other great OSS technologies like CartographerHarbor, and more!

VMware Breakout Sessions

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Executives from VMware product management and engineering will be available for product roadmap discussions and product demos. Please get in touch to request your exclusive meeting with us.

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October 24–28, 2022

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Xing Yang, Staff Engineer 
Ashutosh Kumar, Sr. Technical 
Staff, VMware

Featured Breakout

Nikhita Raghunath & Kiran Mova
Staff Engineer & Sr. 
Engineering Manager

Featured Products

Find us at co-located events at KubeCon

Date: Monday, October 24–Tuesday, October 25th
Time: 7:30 AM EST

Cloud Native SecurityCon

Cloud Native SecurityCon is a two-day event designed to foster collaboration, discussion and knowledge sharing of cloud native security projects and the best ways to use them to address security challenges and opportunities.

Come see our keynote, “Vulnerability Data Is Not Enough: The Case for an Actionable UI” by Kara Yimoyines, Sr. Engineering Manager. In this talk, we’ll discuss considerations for a user interface that presents the right data to the right teams, empowers them to address any bugs or CVEs quickly, and a software bill of materials so they can make sure all the affected components and dependencies are remediated. 



Date: Monday, October 24
Time: 7:30 AM EST

BackstageCon is a one-day conference focused on all things Backstage: an open platform for building developer portals. It includes collaboration and learning centered on improving developer experience and effectiveness through open source technologies. 

Come see our keynote, “Providing a Curated Experience for Developers with Backstage” by Valentina Alaria, Sr. Director. In this talk, we’ll share how VMware incorporates Backstage into our flagship platforms, why the curated experience is a core tenant of VMware Tanzu and how it’s enabling developer velocity and happiness.

Featured Keynote

Shatarupa Nandi
Engineering Director
VMware Tanzu 

VMware Tanzu Application Platform on AWS Quick Start

In a collaborative effort between VMware and Amazon, we’re happy to introduce the VMware Tanzu Application Platform on AWS Quick Start. This Quick Start will provide users with the fastest way to get up and running with the Tanzu Application Platform, allowing developers and operators to focus on delivering value with applications instead of toiling on the complexity of Kubernetes.

Featured Demo


KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America 2022

Naadir Jeewa, Staff Engineer, VMware

Sahithi AylooStaff Engineer
Arun KrishnakumarCloud 

Provider, VMware

Sophie Wigmore, & Frankie 
Gallina-Jones, Technical Staff

Leigh CapiliStaff Technologist VMware

Betty Junod, VP Product Marketing, VMware

Marilyn Basanta, Sr. Director, Product Management Edge

Come by the mini theater at the VMware booth and go deep into the technology with our experts, covering topics like:

  • Carvel: What is it and where does it fit in the ecosystem?

  • Carvel use cases and metrics

  • Bridge the gap from dev to production with VMware Tanzu Service Mesh

  • Secure your APIs with Tanzu Service Mesh

  • Bridge the gap between Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes with Project Korifi

  • Hacking behavior: How navigating human psychology is critical to building healthy DevOps organizations

  • Developer experience (backstage and beyond)

  • Production-ready Kubernetes Ingress with NSX Advanced Load Balancer

Can't get enough Kubernetes?

Be sure to check out the open source workshops from the VMware Tanzu Developer Center at the VMware booth. For those starting out, come learn the basics of Kubernetes and Docker. More experienced attendees can get hands-on experience with open source tools such as Carvel, Cartographer, Knative, kpack, and Spring.

Experience Tanzu right now with Tanzu Developer Center!