VMware Tanzu will be every-ware at KubeCon in San Diego. 


Start at booth D6 to learn how VMware Tanzu can help you build, run and manage applications on Kubernetes. Get hands-on with open source projects or ask a Kubernetes Architect anything! 

VMware Speaking Sessions

Below is a sample of the diverse group of people who have devoted their time and energy to open source and cloud native communities.

Duffie Cooley

Kubernetes Architect 

Tutorial: A Kind Workflow for Contributing to Kubernetes. Details

Jorge Castro

Kubernetes Community Manager 

A Week in the Life of the Kubernetes Community. Details

Venil Noronha

Open Source Engineer

Rethinking the K8s DNS for the Modern Enterprise. Details

Davanum Srinivas

Kubernetes Steering Committee

Panel: State of the Kubernetes Union. Details

Tasha Drew

Project Pacific Product Management 

SIG Usability: Intro and How to Get Started. Details

Nisha Kumar

Open Source Engineer 

Linux Distribution Build Tools for Custom Container Images. Details

Wendy Cartee

Service Mesh – Sr. Director of Product Marketing

Panel: Is Service Mesh Ready for Edge-Native Applications?Details

Shanis Windland

Diversity & Inclusion VP 

Panel: Beyond Codes of Conduct: Igniting Diversity in Your Community. Details

Request a Meeting at KubeCon

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San Diego | November 18-21, 2019 | Booth D6 Community Lounge 4 

Visit us at booth D6

 Come see TGIK Live at the VMware Community Lounge

Kubernetes Contributor Summit

Intro to Containers and Kubernetes

Co-Hosted by Bryan Liles

Bryan Liles is a Senior Staff Engineer at VMware. He leads the Developer Experience group, which creates solutions to help developers be more productive in Kubernetes. 

Located in the exhibit hall near our booth is the VMware-sponsored Community Lounge

TGIK is a weekly livestream where we explore Kubernetes and related open source technologies. Join Joe Beda, Bryan Liles, and Duffie Cooley as they dig into the coolest stuff at KubeCon. 

This community event brings together new and current Kubernetes contributors to connect and collaborate face-to-face. It is an opportunity for existing contributors to help shape the future of the project, and offers a welcoming space for new community members to learn, explore and put the contributor workflow to practice. 


November 17th & 18th, 2019 | Marriott Marquis San Diego Marine

November 18, 2019 | 9:00am – 12:00pm OR 1:00pm – 4pm | San Diego Convention Center | **Laptop Required**


Swing by the booth to talk Kubernetes and get hands-on with our newest open source projects and products. Conveniently located in the exhibit hall next to the booth you will also find the VMware-sponsored Community Lounge. 



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All talks will be held at the San Diego Convention Center:

111 W Harbor Drive, San Diego, CA 92101 


Executives from VMware product management and engineering will be available for product roadmap discussions and product demos. To request your exclusive meeting with us at KubeCon, we encourage you to get in touch.


Learn about the management of container images and Helm Charts through Harbor. We will review and provide solutions to the challenges faced by organizations, including RBAC (Role-Based Access Control), vulnerability scanning, large scale content distribution, content replication, content trust (notary), webhook, tag retention, and DevOps integrations, etc.

Ready to dive a little deeper into the world of Kubernetes? Understand the first principles of a cloud native infrastructure, and then dig into our lab environment and deploy your first cluster. 

This training is designed for attendees who are early in their cloud native journey—you will walk out with more knowledge of basic concepts and greater comfort in working with containers.

Kubernetes: Application and Container Workflows

November 18, 2019 | 9:00 – 5:00 | Hard Rock Hotel, Revolution Room  | **Laptop Required**

Ready to kick your Kubernetes skills up a notch? Understand patterns for source control management, learn how to build and compile applications and containers, and then implement integration testing into builds. 

This course is designed for attendees who are developing apps in a Kubernetes environment, and/or who create and manage build and deploy pipelines.


Harbor Lunch and Learn Workshop

November 18th, 2019 | 12:30 – 4:00pm | San Diego Convention Center

Want to learn more about CNCF’s Incubating project Harbor and how it can be used as a cloud native registry? Join us for lunch with Joe Beda, co-founder of Kubernetes, at 12:30, and then get real hands-on experience with installing, configuring, and using Harbor. You’ll also learn how to push images to Harbor, replicate images across different registries, and scan them for vulnerabilities. Throughout the afternoon, you’ll get an opportunity to interface with the Harbor maintainer team, provide feedback on the project, and ask questions.


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Hands-on training by VMware

The New Stack: Pancake Breakfast

Wednesday, November 20, 2019 | 7:30am - 8:45am

It’s time for pancakes in San Diego! Come have a short stack with The New Stack for a Q&A with our expert panelists about the issues and options for managing identity in service mesh environments. Cloud native security and how it affects the pace of enterprise adoption will be the mainstay of our conversation for this latest stop on the pancake breakfast circuit.



November 18, 2019 | 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM | Marriott Marquis San Diego Marina


Envoy is a cloud-native high-performance edge/middle/service proxy. In a short period of time, Envoy has been widely adopted throughout the industry.

The Envoy maintainers are excited to announce the 2nd annual EnvoyCon, a practitioner-driven community conference that emphasizes end-user case studies as well as deep technical talks from vendors that have chosen to build offerings on top of Envoy (zero product pitches!)


Nov 18, 2019 | San Diego, California

NSM is a community-driven CNCF Sandbox project that is rapidly gaining momentum because of its ability to simplify connectivity between workloads, independent of where they are running. 

Join the people building and using NSM at Network Service Mesh Con for a day of tutorials, deep dives, and use cases to learn how NSM works, what it can do for you, and, most importantly, what’s coming next.


Co-located Events

Learn about some advanced features of using Harbor, such as OIDC support, improved content replication among Harbor and other non-Harbor registries, content management in a cloud environment, unified management of Helm Chart and container images, quota management, webhook, tag retention, highly-available deployments and DevOps supporting etc..

Join us for our Keynote:

Beyond Badges - How Inclusive Communities Accelerate Innovation

Tuesday, November 19, 2019 @ 6:06pm | Exhibit Hall AB - San Diego Convention Center Ground Level

Kostadis Roussos is a Principal Engineer at VMware, working on vCenter since 2015. His current major effort is the integration of K8s into vSphere, recently announced as Project Pacific.