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Because we now employ VMware PKS, we can deliver our environments to the agile teams in a matter of hours as opposed to weeks, and that’s huge in terms of time savings


Ramon Lewis

Assistant General Manager of Infrastructure and Operations, National Commercial Bank Jamaica


Why Operators should care about Kubernetes and Containers

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See how to map your company’s journey to containers and Kubernetes, understand the most important questions to ask upfront and learn how to avoid the most common missteps.

The top six questions to answer upfront
Elements of Kubernetes that all Operators should know about

Cloud Native Leaders Work with VMware

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Chapter 1

Kubernetes: Why Operators Should Care

Chapter 2

 A Kubernetes Primer

Chapter 3

Elements of K8s All Operators Should Know About

Chapter 4

Top Six Questions to Answer Upfront

Chapter 5

Which Flavor of Kubernetes Should You Choose

Chapter 6

How to Avoid Missteps

Chapter 7

What to Do Next


Joe Beda is a principal engineer at VMware. He was the co-founder and CTO of Heptio. Previously, at Google, Joe co-created Google Compute Engine and filed the first-ever Kubernetes project commit. He is a staunch advocate for open-source software and a frequent contributor to the community.

Joe Beda

Principal Engineer, VMware


How to avoid common missteps