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With Tanzu, we can now offer innovations faster. The level of security also increased as we are progressing together with the local team of VMware. The technical team is also good on many aspects such as installation and product usability. In 2021, we will continue to migrate our systems to on-premise and use them with Tanzu.

Taylan Güney 

Yapi Kredi EVP responsible for Software Architecture, Application Platforms, Cloud and Database, Yapi Kredi

Common Kubernetes Constructs

Learn how to run Kubernetes on your existing infrastructure and speed up developer velocity

Automate and Optimize Container Operations
Kubernetes on vSphere Explained

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Chapter 1

Data Center Abstractions

Chapter 2

Understanding K8s Constructs

Chapter 3

K8s on vSphere Explained

Chapter 4

Business-Ready Infrastructure

Chapter 5

Automating & Optimizing Operations

Chapter 6

Cloud Native Operations on vSphere

Chapter 7

Benefits of K8s on vSphere


Boskey Savla is a Technical Marketing Manager at VMware focusing on Cloud Native Applications. She has 15 years of experience in Linux System Engineering, Infrastructure Automation, and Dev-Ops.


The Benefits of Kubernetes on vSphere

Steve Hoenisch is a writer and editor at VMware who has written numerous influential white papers on emerging technology, Kubernetes, and security. 

Boskey Savla 

Technical Marketing Manager

Steve Hoenisch  

Senior Marketing Writer and Editor

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