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10 Examples of Smarter
Monitoring Alerts

As an SRE, Dev, or part of an Ops team, you need to be proactive in finding problems before your service is affected - without alert noise getting in your way. Read real examples of how some of the largest and most successful SaaS and digital enterprise companies worldwide implement their monitoring and automation polices. You'll also learn how to use smarter alerts to lower mean time to identify and mean time to automate.

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Chapter 1

Executive Summary

Chapter 2

Executives: Why You Should Care

Chapter 3

Intro to Containers

Chapter 4

Principles of Kubernetes

Chapter 5

How it Helps Your Business

Chapter 6

How Kubernetes Works

Chapter 7

What To Do Next?


Gordana Neskovic is a Senior Product Marketing Manager for Wavefront by VMware. She has held Data Scientist and AI Architect roles in Wells Fargo, Pinterest, and SFO-ITT. Her current interests lie at the intersection of cloud monitoring, operational analytics, and data science. She holds a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering.

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Dejan Deklich

Chief Products Officer, 8x8

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Wavefront products provide unparalleled visibility across all of our Kubernetes-enabled, containerized apps, helping all of our developers become more productive focusing on innovation, while enabling 8x8 to deliver exceptional SLAs and eliminate any issues with our cloud services."
How companies use analytics to identify problems earlier and with more accuracy
How digital enterprise companies have leveraged more actionable, smarter alerts
How to create smarter alerts with automated analytics with 10 distinct examples

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